Diploma Award of the City of Vienna goes to Maximilian Raab

The City of Vienna awarded the excellent Diploma Thesis of Maximilian Raab entitled "Catalytic hydrogen oxidation on rhodium: regular and irregular self-sustaining oscillations on a nm-scale" (supervised by Profs. Y. Suchorski und G. Rupprechter).

Portrait picture of Maximilian Raab. He wears a blue shirt and the background is a blurry green.


In his thesis, Maximilian Raab has studied a technologically important reaction, catalytic hydrogen oxidation, which is the basis of the operation of fuel cells and one of the cornerstones of the future hydrogen-based green energy diversification. The reaction was visualized in situ by field emission electron microscopy on a nm-scale and novel phenomena, such as irregular self-sustaining oscillations and transition to the nano-chaos, were detected and analyzed. The award certificate was handed over on May 17, 2021.

Image of Maximilian Raab with his diploma thesis in hand