Fuel and Energy System Engineering

The Research Area Fuel and Energy Systems Engineering provides the ideal professional framework for research-led education and for the development of innovative technologies and processes for the energy system of the future. This includes testing, analysis, modeling, experimental investigation and validation, and transformation to commercial scale using modern digital methods. Our research area supports the profiling of the institute, the faculty and the TU Wien by exploring a sustainable fuel-based ecologically sound "energy supply".

Core Competences
  • Energy systems of the future
  • Production of synthetic biofuels: BioSNG, methane, liquid fuels (Fischer Tropsch Diesel), hydrogen, mixed alcohols and various base chemicals
  • Gas purification and processing
  • Production of product gas by means of dual fluidized bed from biomass, coal and residues
  • Control of product gas quality by means of catalytically active bed material
  • Testing of gas purification processes in real operations
  • Development and simulation of new process variants based on the dual fluid process (e.g. power to gas)
  • Modeling, simulation, validation, optimization of plants and processes
  • Characterization of fuels
  • Emission measurements
  • Testing of furnaces, chimneys, boilers, ...
  • CO2-capture and recycling as raw material
  • Zero Emission Technologies
  • Development of efficient CO2-capture processes
  • Increase of energy efficiency in industrial processes
  • Substitution of fossil fuels by renewable & sustainable fuels

Research Groups:

Univ.Prof. Mag. Dr.rer.nat. Robert Mach


Phone: +43 1 58801 166502 Call Robert Mach

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Getreidemarkt 9, 1060 Vienna, Austria

Senior Scientist Ing. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Stefan Müller

Leiter Stlv. FB Brennstoff- und Energiesystemtechnik

Phone: +43 1 58801 166366 Call Stefan Müller

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Getreidemarkt 9, 1060 Wien, Österreich