Sustainable Technologies and Process Simulation

The research group Sustainable Technologies and Process Simulation focuses on the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass and residues in Biorefineries. Investigations cover different pretreatment methods for the fractionation of biomass (hot water extraction, organosolv process, steam explosion) as well as the isolation of valuable components (lignin, sugars, volatile organic acids, cellulose). By applying different Biorefinery concepts, further processing possibilities of lignocellulosic biomass to different products (nanolignin, sugar substitutes, pharmaceuticals, biofuels) are evaluated.

The necessary thermal, chemical and biochemical processes are investigated at laboratory and pilot scale including rigorous quantification applying different kinds of process analytics. The development of sustainable technologies is accompanied by:

  • Process simulation
  • Energy optimization (pinch analysis, heat integration, exergy analysis)
  • Economic assessment
  • Sustainability analysis

Assistant Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Walter Wukovits

Head, Research Group for Sustainable Technologies and Process Simulation

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