Electrochemical Methods & Corrosion

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Research Topics


The goal of corrosion science is for materials to maintain their functionality in various – often aggressive – environments.

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Owing to the need of answering complicated scientific questions, we need novel experimental approaches to establish and test fundamental concepts to deeper understand solid state electrochemistry.

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The characterization of electrochemical cells or cell constituents is one of our main research tasks. In electrochemical devices that may range from thin film model systems, opens an external URL to a full battery, fuel or electrolysis cell stack, the current passing through the cells is a direct measure for the electrochemical reaction rate.

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Reliability is a crucial aspect that must be taken into account when developing a product. This is especially true in the field of microelectronics, where devices are often exposed to harsh environments (i.e. temperature variations, strong electric fields, corrosive gases).

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The use of geometrically well-defined electrodes is one of the key features of our experimental approach. By designing the geometry of the investigated electrochemical system, one obtains the ability to operate an electrochemical model cell in a highly defined manner.

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Even though we usually do not even notice them, sensors are ubiquitous in our modern society. Sensor applications span a variety of different areas, such as health care, automotive and smart homes.

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