Project roomTUlearn

In the project "roomTUlearn" we open again our centrally managed teaching rooms as learning spaces. Due to Covid-19 security measures, there are a few things to keep in mind. You can find all info below.

Learning rooms and classroom exams in centrally managed teaching rooms

On-site examination rooms for online examinations

According to the Richtlinie zum Online Prüfen, opens an external URL in a new window, there is a new regulation for on-site examinations rooms:

(...) "Students who, for example, do not have the necessary technical or spatial requirements for taking the exams can take them in person at the TU Wien's premises and infrastructure under personal supervision, as far as the available resources allow. The students must inform the examiners of this need when registering for the examination. (...) "The process for on-site examination rooms has been adapted accordingly. It should be noted that the online and on-site examinations must be equivalent.

Variant 1 (With on-site supervision provided by the Institute)

  1. Students inform the examiners of their need for an on-site examination room. 
  2. Examiners notify the Distance Learning Team of their need via Präsenzformular with the remark "on-site examination room" so that it is clear that it is not an in-class examination and reserve the room as usual via TISS. Don't forget: before each appointment, a cleaning time of at least 60 minutes must be booked in (title "Reinigungszeit") so that the process for cleaning coordination can be planned.
  3. The Distance Learning Team confirms the request and informs the central room management so that a room booking confirmation is given.
  4. The room is confirmed, the cleaning is coordinated and the online on-site exam can take place.


Variant 2 (Without on-site supervision)

  1. Examiner cannot provide on-site supervision.
  2. The student requests the need for a single room to
  3. Room is booked and provided centrally based on availability, cleaning is coordinated, etc.
  4. The student can use the infrastructure in the form of a neutral room, stable internet connection and quiet space - technical requirements of the examination must be met by the student him/herself (laptop, cameras for monitoring, etc.).

New: Opening of centrally managed teaching rooms as learning spaces


These are mainly meant for students to participate in distance learning courses if this is not possible at home, to take exams according to variant 2 or if they need a quiet workspace.

Purpose of use

Students who want to use infrastructure in the form of a neutral room, stable internet connection and quiet space can do so in certain teaching rooms, which have been temporarily categorised as " learning rooms", depending on availability. Other technical requirements must still be met by the students themselves (laptop, documents, cameras for monitoring during exams, etc.). This provides an opportunity for students who, for example, have a classroom examination and then have to attend an online course immediately afterwards. Students must also be able to present 1-G proof of status under the existing 3-G rule to Security when entering the buildings at all four main locations (Freihaus, Getreidemarkt, Gußhaus, Karlsplatz) in combination with their student ID.

Booking process

Centrally managed learning spaces can be booked on a half-day basis if available. At lunchtime, a 90-minute buffer time for cleaning and ventilation of the room is blocked. To request a booking, students must send a request form to .

General rules

House rules, FFP2 masks and general safety and hygiene measures must be followed, as well as a strict ban on alcohol and noise. Minimum distance of two metres must be maintained at all times.

Single rooms

A limited number of single study rooms can be provided in the same way as on-site examination rooms in Variant 2.

Rooms for more than one person

Centrally managed learning rooms can also be provided for about 3-5 people, depending on available capacity. Maintaining safety and hygiene measures is controlled by the regular rounds of the security service on sample basis.

According to the recommendation of the Fachbereich Arbeitssicherheit und Arbeitsmedizin, if several people use a learning room, a responsible Covid-19 representative must be nominated. In the case of centrally managed teaching rooms, this function is taken on by the central teaching and learning room management in cooperation with GUT. In case of complaints or incidents, please contact