Central Room Management for Teaching and Learning

The central room management at TU Wien is responsible, amongst other things, for the coordination of security measures for large courses, supports the curriculum coordinators in scheduling and is in charge of the release authorisation for all centrally managed rooms.

Another task is the coordination of lecture transfers to parallel lecture halls as well as the provision of security staff for those courses for which no suitably large lecture halls are available.

February 2021

Due to the latest developments regarding Covid-19, the situation we feared has now come to pass. The scheduled classroom exams will have to be rescheduled immediately to an alternative online format.

Due to the lecture-free period in February, no exams (online and classroom) are to be scheduled between 13.02. and 17.02.2021.

Summer Semester 2021

As already announced, the summer semester 2021 will be held online, with a few exceptions. Due to current developments, the Rectorate also made the decision that the first-year study must also be held online.

The following points must therefore be considered:

  • All courses and exams must be held in a distance learning format if possible. Lecturers will be supported in the transition to a suitable online exams format and should contact the Distance Learning Team distancelearning@tuwien.ac.at if needed. 
  • The obligatory courses of the first year of study must also be held online.
    Should it not be possible to switch to Distance Learning, an application for attendance must be submitted via our form.
  • The following exceptions do not require approval via the form:
    • Laboratories (LU) with an adequate safety concept
    • Praktikas (PR) with a corresponding safety concept
  • Only when the aforementioned points have been fulfilled, the central teaching and learning room management can confirm the room reservation.
  • Only the blue seats in the lecture halls (blue seating plan according to room information in coLAB) may be occupied.
  • If you are attending a lecture, we ask that you bring your own FFP2 mask and present 1-G proof of status to security upon entering the buildings in accordance with the existing 3-G rule. Upon entering the lecture hall, registration via QR code must be completed to allow for contact tracking. Once scanned, students will be prompted to enter their seat location so that an automatic seating plan can be generated. This is for more efficient contact tracking.Details on the 3-G rule can be found in the 5th Regulation COVID-19 Special Regulations §1 General Measures.
  • Excursions are not allowed until further notice.
  • Access to TUW buildings for distance learning purposes (e.g. lecture recordings) remains unrestricted.

Room Booking Rules for Summer Semester 2021

  • As previously announced, recordings/online appointments may still be booked in without need for authorisation. In this case, you can book the rooms as an 'online event' in TISS as usual.
  • All other events must be applied for in advance using the form of the Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs "Antrag auf Präsenz" (at least 2 weeks before the planned event!).
  • Classroom exams are possible in individual cases under certain restrictions and after prior registration via the form. The list of lecture hall capacities for presence examinations, taking into account the necessary security measures, is implemented in the coLAB room information and is available for planning purposes (blue capacity). Examination dates may only take place if at least 60 minutes (90 minutes in February) of cleaning time has been scheduled after the previous event, in order to be able to ensure the organised entry and exit of students as well as the ventilation and cleaning of the rooms.
  • In order to avoid collisions and to simplify organisation, when booking a room you must always (if no cleaning times have yet been booked) book the cleaning time yourself (a grey appointment with the title "Reinigungszeit") e.g. classroom event 10:00-12:00 + one cleaning time 09:00-10:00

Classroom Exams

There are two options for students to take an exam in the classroom:

  1. If students are unable to participate in the online exam in the given form, they should report this to the examiner.
    • The examiner decides whether the exam can be taken in parallel in a room at the TU Wien. The on-site supervision is to be organised by the examiner. Possibly, an alternative solution can be found. (The need must also be reported on the form)
    • The central teaching and learning room management provides a suitable room.
  2. If the examiner is not able to organise on-site supervision, it is also possible to report this via the addressdistancelearning@tuwien.ac.at. The central teaching and learning room management will then provide the students with a room for taking the exam. This means that students can use a stable wi-fi connection through the TU Wien and bring their own equipment (depending on the exam requirements).

We have created a "mailbox" for students on the topic of studyability and distance learning: https://www.tuwien.at/studium/lehren-an-der-tuw/zentrum-fuer-strategische-lehrentwicklung/briefkasten/, opens an external URL in a new window This is the place for students to turn to (also anonymously) if they have difficulties with distance learning or exams.

Information materials for lecturers:

Guide to conducting online exams, opens an external URL in a new window
Guide to digital teaching & learning, opens an external URL in a new window
The Contact Point for Lecturers in all issues of Distance Learning is the team distancelearning@tuwien.ac.at.