Teaching at TU Wien

The Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs as well as several central facilities and services support the teaching staff by providing an extensive range of teaching technologies for administering and managing teaching, through educational training and further education, as well as by measures in quality development, among others. 


Every semester more than 28.000 students take around 2.000 lectures at TU Wien. TU faculty members do an amazing job that is the basis for the excellent reputation and worldwide success of TU Alumni. The Best Teaching Awards (awarded annually since 2017) and the festive award ceremony will put the teaching staff into the spotlight, who dedicate themselves to give our students the best possible education. 

“It’s the people who impart subject matters and make them tangible and understandable. I would like for the TU Wien to be a leading institution also in the way teaching is done, not only in research.” 

Kurt Matyas, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs 


focus:lehre - continous education in higher education didactics

TU Wien aims at providing continous education in higher education didactis and offers varies formats in training. Details can be found here

TU Wien aims at offering excellency in teaching and uses various tools for quality assurance. The course evaluation carried out by students plays an important part in continously improving teaching at TU Wien. 


Various projects have been initiated to improve the conditions of studying and teachingat TU Wien and to further enhance the quality of the studies. 

The so called "Start TU" process was initiated in October 2015 and aims at improving the conditions of studies at TU, especially for students in their first year of study.  

start-tu.tuwien.ac.at (information only available in German). 

TU Vision 2025+
How does the TU Wien envision its role in the future?  What are our ambitions for research and teaching?  Where do we see the university, nationally and internationally?

In order to answer these questions - university-wide and across faculties - the TU’s rector, Sabine Seidler, has started the initiative TU Wien: Vision 2025+. It aims to lay the foundations for an ambitious long-term strategy for the university. 

TU has a central teaching space management  which is responsible amongst other things, for the coordination of safety measures for large lectures, supporting the timetable coordinator with scheduling and which takes over the authorisation of all centrally managed teaching spaces.

Another task includes the coordination of lectures which are delivered in parallel lecture theatres and the supply of safety personnel for these lectures when there are no sufficient sized lecture theatres available. 

Two software products support teaching at TU Wien: TISS manages all processes relating to the administration of teaching at TU Wien: for example the annoucement of lectures, students' registration for courses or examinations, the administration of the academic programmes and theses. 

TUWEL is TU's central learning management system and supports lectures in the execution of their courses and in their teaching. Lecturers can carry out online-exams, provide lecture material to students and organize online communication as well as discussions via the various tools available on the platform. 

Centrally hosted teaching and learning technologies
Lecture Tube
TU Connect
Academic Programs  

TU Wien promotes the mobility of students, teachers and researchers as am essential component of an internationally networked university culture. By increasing the mobility of teachers, TU Wien expects value-added suject and teaching content, which will benefit teaching, not least its own. Point of contact for international teaching is the International Office.