Courses for tutors

The popular transferable skills seminar 015.723 ‘Social skills for tutors’ has been offered since the winter semester 2017. This is the equivalent of 2 ECTS credits.

This seminar has been designed specifically to help tutors, with the aim of giving them the tools they need to take on their challenging role.

The content covered during the seminar includes:

    Principles of higher education teaching and how to apply them to classes led by tutors

    Basics of communication within teaching processes

    How to deal with conflict

    Feedback rules and a positive approach to dealing with mistakes

    The tutor’s role

This seminar is interactive. As well as didactic settings (that tutors can apply straight to their own classes), colleagues can also attend each other’s classes and provide feedback afterwards (colleague shadowing). The seminar is rounded off with an account of the personal experiences of an experienced tutor (role model) and the simulation of particularly challenging teaching scenarios.

It is possible to sign up for this seminar on TISS/TUWEL, but it is aimed solely at tutors who are taking classes during the current semester. Attendance is compulsory.