Talks given by renowned experts and good practices taken from the teaching profession are made available to members of the public who may be interested in the form of in-house conferences and themed evenings.

10.04.2019: focus:lehre hacks and snacks: "Lernergebnisorientierung und Änderung der LVA-Beschreibungen"

06.05.2019: Neuerungen im Studienrecht, Jasmin Gründling-Riener

23.09.2019: 8. Tag der Lehre: "Lernergebnisse" (veranstaltet vom Teaching Support Center)

16.10.2019: focus:lehre hacks and snacks III

07.11.2019: Evening Lecture 2019

11.12.2019: focus:lehre hacks and snacks IV

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You can read the general conditions for taking part in the focus:lehre programme here.