Prof. Mayrhofer on the subject of course assessment

Dear students, I urge you, on behalf of all of your teachers and fellow students, to make full use of the course assessment. This tool is integral to the success of teaching and study and enables all students to actively participate in developing and ensuring the quality of teaching and study at TU Wien. Active participation in the course assessments is essential if the Dean of Studies is to actively intervene, where necessary, in how courses are taught. Intervention may include intensive discussions with course leaders or even the re-assignment of courses. The greater the participation in the course assessments, the greater their influence on teaching and study.

Your evaluations (and your participation) send an important message that you care about the quality of teaching at TU Wien.

I think that students especially should be at the centre of the acclaimed ‘University of Excellence’. By actively participating in the course assessments, you will help to further advance the university from which you graduate to get ahead of the competition when it comes excellence in teaching. This in turn increases the weighting and quality of your degree.

I assure you that even positive comments in course assessments do a great deal to improve teaching. Course leaders typically have you to thank for their high levels of motivation and congeniality.

Dear students, your participation and your comments in the course assessments will also provide vital assistance to future generations of students at TU Wien – something which is not to be underestimated.