Unforeseen and unavoidable reason

From the winter semester 2022 onwards, it will also be possible to take an Academic Leave during the semester in the event of certain legally defined unforeseen and unavoidable reasons:

  1. Illness that demonstrably impedes progress in studies
  2. Pregnancy
  3. childcare duties or other similar care duties
  4. temporary impairment in connection with a disability

The application , opens a file in a new windowand corresponding proof must be submitted.


From the time of the Academic Leave, examinations cannot be taken, courses cannot be attended and academic papers cannot be submitted. All examinations taken before the Academic Leave remain valid.

Tuition fees

If you are already obliged to pay tuition fees, you can apply for a refund of the tuition fees if you apply for an Academic Leave for the winter semester by 30.11./for the summer semester by 30.4. Students applying for an Academic Leave after this deadline are no longer entitled to a refund.