Taking a leave of absence / Leaving the university

Need to ‘take a break’ from your studies? - Leave of absence

Students have the option of taking a short break from study at TU Wien (max. 6 semesters in total) without having their admission to study at TU Wien revoked. 

Leave of absence in 2020 summer semester – special provision

Leave of absence during the admission period

You may only apply for a leave of absence during the admission period for the reasons specified in the university regulations:

1. In order to complete military service, training or national service, or
2. Due to illness that can be proven to affect the progress of your studies, or
3. Due to pregnancy, or
4. Due to childcare responsibilities or other similar caregiving duties, or
5. In order to complete a year of voluntary social service.

As the admission period for the 2020 summer semester has been extended, you now have until 30 June 2020 (rather than 30 April) to submit your application for a leave of absence based on the reasons stated above, as long as you have not taken any exams in the 2020 summer semester.

If you have already paid your tuition fee, you can submit an application for reimbursement, opens an external URL in a new window of the tuition fee once your leave of absence has been approved.

Ending a leave of absence early

There is now the option of ending a leave of absence before the planned date. If you have already applied for a leave of absence for the 2020 summer semester and had this approved, or you are currently in the process of applying and obtaining approval for a leave of absence for any of the reasons stated above, you can request to end the leave of absence early.

You can submit your request to end your leave of absence early by 30 June 2020 by sending an email – no form required – to the Department of Studies and Examination at studienabteilung@tuwien.ac.at. Please include a scanned copy of your student ID card in the email.

Once your request to end your leave of absence early has been approved, you will be able to attend courses and take exams in the 2020 summer semester.

NOTE: You will resume liability for the tuition fee.  If you are liable for tuition fees and have only paid your ÖH contribution due to having taken a leave of absence – upon expiry of the leave of absence you will need to pay the tuition fee by 30 June in order to continue your studies and to be entitled to take exams for the 2020 summer semester. Otherwise your admission to TU Wien will be revoked.

Leave of absence due to Covid-19

The rectorate has drawn up a direcitve stating that students can take a leave of absence from the 2020 summer semester for reasons related to COVID-19.

Students taking this option do not have to pay the tuition fee for the semester and, if applicable, may apply for reimbursement of the fee.

NOTE: A leave of absence taken in relation to Covid-19 may not be ended early. Once the leave of absence has been approved, the student may not attend courses or take exams until 30 September 2020, either in person or online. Master’s theses and dissertations may not be submitted.

The deadline for applications is 31/05/2020. Applications should be sent by email to the Department of Studies and Examination (studienabteilung@tuwien.ac.at) with the required documents attached, particularly if any of the following scenarios relating to COVID-19 apply:

  1. The student is involved in carrying out activities in the public interest that are essential to the well-being of the wider community. This may include those working in health care (e.g. hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, rehabilitation facilities or care services), emergency services, education (e.g. schools) or providing essential supplies (e.g. energy and food);
  2. the student is involved in extraordinary national or military service;
  3. the student has found themselves with extra childcare obligations, particularly responsibility for minors, due to the partial closing of childcare facilities and schools;
  4. the student is unable to use online course content due to the lack of technical equipment (e.g. smartphone, tablet or computer);
  5. the student is unable to attend examinations in person due to entry and residence restrictions relating to COVID-19;
  6. the student is unable to attend examinations in person due to the potential health risks (e.g. the student is in a high-risk group).

Taking a leave of abscence - Beurlaubung

During your leave of absence the admission to your studies remains valid, although your degree programme is not continued.

Please note: to continue studying you have to pay for the semester you take a leave of absence the students union fee incl. insurance (Euro 19,20-). You do not have to pay the tuition fee and you do not lose your student status. Therefore you are not allowed to attend courses, take examinations or hand in scientific papers (diploma theses, dissertations, seminar or bachelor papers etc.).

Please note: while you are takeing a leave of absence

  • you are not entitled to the student semester ticket of the Vienna Transport Authority (Wiener Linien)
  • a health insurance with a relative or the independent insurance for students is not possible
  • no family allowances and no student financial aid
  • Visa: MA35 does not accept all reasons for a leave of absence, so you can loose your visa as Student. Check first the requirements with MA35!

Applications for a leave of absence at TU Wien can be submitted at the Admission Office by email (studienabteilung@tuwien.ac.at) within a copy of your student ID-card for the current semester until

  • 30th September for winter semester and
  • 28th February for sommer semester.

Reasons for taking a leave of absence are:

  • military service or civilian Service (presentation of draft notice)
  • voluntary social year (confirmation of supportive organisation)
  • pragnancy (medical confirmation form)
  • child care (child's/chil­dren's birth cer­ti­fic­ate and re­gis­tra­tion con­firm­a­tion [Meldez­ettel] for you and the child/chil­dren)
  • support for relatives needing constant care (medical confirmation form, proof of ralationship)
  • illness which considerably impair the course of study for more than two months (medical confirmation form)
  • other reasons which require a longer special Attention (ground and proof of the ground)

You can take a leave of absence for a maximum of 6 Semester per Student (not per study programme). It is not possible to apply a leave of absence for previous semesters!

You still need to pay your Student's Union (ÖH) dues, because ÖH-Membership is compulsory even for students on a leave of Absence. Your tuition fees are waived during your leave, however.

Leaving the university


If you intend to quit your degree programme at TU Wien you have to come to the Admission Office during the opening hours with your Student ID-Card (TUCard) or write an Email to studienabteilung@tuwien.ac.at (Student ID-Card attached as scanned copie).

If you want to continue the same degree programme at another Austrian university, you need a proof of your deregistration or rather a certificate of transfer (Abgangsbescheinigung) from TU Wien. In this case you only have to ask for the certificate of transfer, when you come to the Admission Office to complete your deregistration.

Students who intend to quit their degree programme at TU Wien and do not want to continue their studies at another Austrian University or do not need a proof of deregistration, do not need to follow any special procedure. Just do not pay your tuition fee/students' union fee and your admission to the university will expire automatically by the end of the extended admission period.

Is it possible to resume my studies?

Yes, it is possible. Please note, that you will be readmitted to the currently valid curriculum. Exams of previous periods of studies can be recognized according to the new curriculum.

NOTE: International students have to apply for admission again and have to submit all required documents, if you interrupt your studies more than one semesterNon-EU/EEA-citizen have to submit a certificate of special entrance qualification for university studies valid for the semester you want to resume your studies at TU Wien.