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Mentoring at TU Wien

Studying or, in particular, starting a degree programme is always a new and challenging situation for students. In order to make the settling-in and orientation phase easier for new students, the TU Wien offers mentoring in various forms. Mentoring is a didactic concept in which an experienced mentor supports a so-called "mentee". 

Why Mentoring?

The mentoring programme is intended to make it easier for students to start studying at the TU or to support students who are having difficulties or who are re-entering their studies. 

The programme is designed as a peer programme. Students of higher semesters with relevant study experience (mentors) support younger students (mentees), who thus benefit from the knowledge of experienced TU students and have a first contact person. 

Both mentees and mentors benefit from this peer programme:

  • Mentees receive support in starting their studies and in organising and designing their study plans. As a mentee, there is a concrete contact person right from the start who already has study experience and is usually at least in the 3rd semester of the Bachelor's programme. 
  • Mentors look after a small group of mentees and accompany them through the first semester at TU Wien with regular meetings. Through this social engagement, mentors can improve their counselling and leadership skills - and thus acquire skills that are also in great demand on the job market. A certificate of 2 ECTS (Transferable Skills Catalogue / Social Competence) is issued for the commitment, and mentors also receive a confirmation of participation from the Vice Rector for Studies and Teaching. The responsible dean of studies decides whether the course can be credited as a social skill. 


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  • First-semester students of all fields of study (the TU Wien will endeavour to find mentors for all faculties and all fields of study).
  • Students in advanced semesters who have difficulties with their studies and would like organisational support. 
  • Students returning to the university (a current course of study at the TU Wien is a prerequisite)


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The programme is largely based on the regular meetings of each mentoring group, i.e. the meetings of the respective mentees with their mentor. 

The goal of the meetings is to answer questions relevant to studying and, in particular, to discuss the following issues: 

  • How can I make the transition from school to university as easy as possible? 
  • Is the TU Wien right for me? What will I have to expect during my studies?
  • How can I organise my studies as optimally as possible?
  • How can I strategically plan my studies (electives, etc.)? 
  • Promoting the formation of learning groups
  • Which different service facilities of the TU Wien can I get to know?
  • Tips and methods for a successful start to my studies
  • What learning support services are available at the TU Wien? 
  • Support for students returning to study
  • Support for students with low motivation

Duration and procedure

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Mentees can participate in the mentoring programme for a maximum of 1 academic year. Approximately 7 meetings are scheduled for mentees in one semester.

Procedure for mentees in the summer semester 2023

  1. Kick-off event and group assignment on February 28, 2023 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
  2. Around 7 group meetings of the mentees with their mentor during the semester (between March and June)
  3. A cross-group event with the mentoring groups of all fields of study (in the middle of the semester, mid/end of May)
  4. An end-of-semester event for all groups on June 15, 2023 from 5:00 to 7:30 pm



With the mentoring offer, the TU Wien would like to make it as easy as possible for students to start their studies. As a mentee, you should be willing to attend regular meetings over the course of an entire semester, as well as mandatory participation in cross-group programme events. 

Application for the summer semester 2023

First-semester students can apply for the mentoring programme for summer semester 2023 in the TU's own campus software TISS, opens an external URL in a new window, as part of the VoR phase, from now on. If you have already completed the study VoR phase, send us your application with a letter of motivation by e-mail to: mentoring@tuwien.ac.at. 

To apply as a mentee, you must submit a letter of motivation directly in TISS.

Selection criteria: We assess the online application in particular according to how comprehensible the motivation for participation in the programme is. Your previous grade success (in school or studies) is not a justification for or against admission to the programme. 

Please bear in mind that as a mentee you must attend all compulsory dates of the semester and take this into account when planning your semester. If you do not attend the mandatory appointments, you will be excluded from the mentoring programme. The goals of the mentoring programme can only be achieved through regular programme participation.

You will receive information about your admission/rejection by email. Please check the mailbox of your student email address.

Applications for the summer semester 2023 are possible until January 23, 2023!

Are you an experienced TU student who would like to become a mentor? Here you can find information about the application and admission process as a mentor for the TU Mentoring Programme.

We are planning to expand our proven Mentoring Program from the summer semester 2023 especially for Ukrainian students in order to help them get used to the TU quickly and to provide them with the best possible support in their everyday studies. We are now looking for students who would like to support Ukrainian students as mentors. We look forward to receiving your application to mentoring@tuwien.ac.at by January 23, 2023.

Futher mentoring programs at the TU Wien

At the TU Wien, there are various mentoring programmes to support students and prospective students. 

Currently, there are the following offers: 

Mentoring programme for first-year students

For mentees: 

-Getting off to the best possible start as a first-year student 

-Exchange of experiences with experienced students 

-Tips and tricks for TU studies

Registration for the summer semester 2023 is now possible in the TU's own campus software TISS as part of the study VoR phase.

For mentors: 

Experienced students support first-year students.
Applications for mentors for the summer semester 2023 are possible until January 29, 2023 by email to mentoring@tuwien.ac.at 

We are looking for Mentors for Ukrainian students!

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We are planning to expand our proven Mentoring Program from the winter semester 2022/23 especially for Ukrainian students in order to help them get used to the TU quickly and to provide them with the best possible support in their everyday studies. We are now looking for students who would like to support Ukrainian students as mentors. We look forward to receiving your application to mentoring@tuwien.ac.at by January 23, 2023.



mentoring.tuwien.ac.at, opens an external URL in a new window

Tel.: +43 1 58801 406401


Christoph Brunner MSc (WU)

Head, Service Unit of Vice Rector's Office

Phone: +43 1 58801 406401 Call Christoph Brunner

Send email to Christoph Brunner

Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Wien, Österreich

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Mentoring Signet
Kurt Matyas, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
Our Mentors pass on their experiences, competence and knowledge in order to support younger students in a smooth transitioning from school to university, an effective planning of their studies and a successful first semester at TU Wien.
Martina Musterfrau, Mentee im Programm 2017/18
Dieses Programm hat mich beim Studieneinstieg sehr unterstützt. Ich bin froh, dass ich durch eine tolle Mentor_in in meinem ersten Semester an der TU Wien begleitet wurde und viele tolle Tipps und Tricks erhalten habe.