Mentoring at TU Wien

Why Mentoring?

The mentoring programs aims at helping students during the beginning of their studies at TU Wien. It is designed as a peer to peer program. Students who are already advanced in their studies (mentors) guide first semester students or students with little university experience (mentees) who in turn benefit from the knowledge and experience of more advanced students and have a first point of contact in the very beginning of their studies. 

Both parties - mentees and mentors - benefit from this program:  

  • Mentees get support and guidance in the beginning of their studies and the planning of their first semester(s) which should ease the transition from school to studies. Students have a person who they can contact with study-related questions. 
  • Mentors are in charge of a small group of mentees whom they guide throughout the first semester at TU Wien. Mentors can train social skills in advising others as well as a first leadership experience. 

Currently, the mentoring program is only offered in German. Therefore, please visit the website in German to get detailed information on the program.

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Tel.: +43 1 58801 406401

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Mentoring Signet
Kurt Matyas, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
Our Mentors pass on their experiences, competence and knowledge in order to support younger students in a smooth transitioning from school to university, an effective planning of their studies and a successful first semester at TU Wien.
Martina Musterfrau, Mentee im Programm 2017/18
Dieses Programm hat mich beim Studieneinstieg sehr unterstützt. Ich bin froh, dass ich durch eine tolle Mentor_in in meinem ersten Semester an der TU Wien begleitet wurde und viele tolle Tipps und Tricks erhalten habe.