Currently Enrolled Students

Alhayek MahmoudAl-Noori AmenahAtilla SimayBajka ZalánBalmus AlexandraBerger ChristianeBosson BrendanBuncic NikolaCasian CristianChrysochou Aikaterini KonstantinaCiocan IrinaCovic MelisaDi Croche Soledad GiseleDomac MajaEl Shahati AhmedEly FinnEngedy Anna EszterFaurbjerg Lise MansfeldtFertig ScottFilipczak DominikFlegar MateaGallardo Gómez RebecaGrahovac MiraGubina EkaterinaGuerrero FernandoHayatqaiby SepehrHeiderer AlexandraHernandez Barrera Juan ArturoHodzic NedimIonita Alexandra AnaIvan Adrian BebeKafetzopoulos Dimitrios AngelosKalab LeonhardKhelifi Ahmed AnisKonrad PhilippLisyana ViktoriyaMani ChristinaManou PetroulaMarmaridou EleniMarx JonasMavratzas VasileiosMitric MilicaNeudorfer PatrickOberwalder VincentOchia Tudor GeorgeOniga EmiliaOttendorfer-Schuöcker PetraPalm Triin LiisParizek JessicaPereira do Carmo Ângelo MiguelRazek BarbaraRissetto Romina PaulaRollenitz ChristineRusev Miroslav AvramovRütten DorotheaSakkas ApostolosSarikaya CerenSchöbinger ValentinaSobhi SoroushSolman MaieSperka KlausStanica Razvan-GabrielSteinwender MarkusSucarrats XavierSustr LiubovTahmidi AnahitaTamas CristinaTellioglu ÖmerTeufl HeleneTezarek TinaVarbanov KostaVidal EduardoVilotijevic LanaVinca EditaVlatis NikolaosVujaklija IrenaWadi AmeerWalal KarolineWright BenWünsche JustusZdatchenko Ekaterina




Khelifi Ahmed Anis
Empirical Lighting Performance Assessment of a Light Emitting Glass Product




Ali H Ahmadalshteihi Amjad
The application potential of vacuum glazing in buildings' thermal retrofit: A case study
Bazafkan Ehsan
Assessment of Usability and Usefullness of new Building Perofrmance Simulation Tools in the Architectural Design Process
Balmus Alexandra
Evaluation of five Single-Sided Natural Ventilation Calculation Methods
Constantinou Nicolas
A comprehensive multi-domain building performance indicator catalogue
Dukic Milica
Predicting People's Operation Of Shading Devices In Office Buildings
Grujicic Natasa
Performance Assessment of a Mountain Base Station in a Cold Climate
Kalaydzhieva Viktoriya
Requirements for an Interactive and Educational Construction Generation and Evaluation Tool
Keco Elisa
A Study on the Thermal Performance of School Buildings in Albania
Lindner Christoph
Simulation-assisted monitoring-based thermal performance evaluation of Konrad Frey's "Kindergarten Pachern
Markovic Marija
The potential of descriptive building quality specifications as an alternative to the detailed calculation
Parrella Camilla
Exploring the Potential of Organic Cells in Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems
Rozumek Jakub
Hygrothermal Performance of selected Wall Systems in Central Europe
Vanca Mihai
Low Frequency Noise Level Study Assessment in Vienna
Voinea Anca
The Impact of Urban Micorclimate Assumptions on Predicitions of the Thermal Performance of Buildings
Wolosiuk Dawid
A Computational Tool for the Evaluation of the Visual Accessibility of Architectural Spaces
Zwoniarkiewicz Szymon
Life cycle design of a single family house in Poland - comparative study




Bucevac Mirjana
Generation and Application of a BIM-based Repository of Highly Insulated Building Construction Details
Ciuffi Emanuela
Generation and application of a BIM-based repository of straw bale construction details
Diakoumakou Vasiliki
Building related Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software tools
Eikemeier Sören
Monitoring and evaluation of a prototype building in tropical climate regarding thermal comfort
Etminan Ghazal
Implications of different sky-models for the simulation based prediction of indoor light levels
Gourlis Georgios
The impact of external metal mesh screen shading devices on the thermal and energy performance of buildings

Pre-Doc Researcher at Department of Industrial Building and Interdisciplinary Planning, TU Wien
Dipl.-Ing. Arch. NTUA MSc TU Wien
Keo-Orasarn Sirinan
Usability study of a web-based building performance optimisation tool
MostofI Sepideh
Exploring the influence of occupancy modeling assumptions regarding thermal performance simulations
Sustr Christian
A tool for the rule-based optimization of multi-layered building components
Tomazovic Milica
Green roof systems as an option for residential buildings in Novi Sad (Serbia)




AnsarI Karmin
Analysis and optimization of lighting schemes and visual comfort in multifunctional sport halls
Ivanova Ira V.
Comparison between semi-automated building energy simulation processes using BIM-generated gbXML and IFC formats in EnergyPlus
Ivojevic Amra
Simulation-supported comparison between energy demand and energy supplied by active solar systems in an existing building in Vienna
Manescu Elisabeta-Monica
Usability of building performance standards in view of design support - lighting standards
Medic Tanja
Towards net-zero energy building in Croatia through energy efficiency measures and locally available renewable energy sources: a case study
Mörke Philipp
Thermal retrofit and solar energy production potential
Nadianmehr Reza
Quantitative assessment of mitigation measures on pedestrian thermal comfort within urban canyon
Padayhag Thommy James
A comparison of the thermal performance of a new building with a thermally retrofitted residential housing unit
Proskurnina Olga
Application of aerogel-based plaster towards thermal retrofit of historical building facades
Shadrina Anna
Framework for the transfer of building materials data between the BIM and thermal simulation software
Siala Nada
Solar cooling potential in housing in Libya
Sterl Norbert
Predictive thermal control with different sensor configurations
Theocharis Christoforos
Evaluation of the impact sound insulation of an existing and refurbished wooden beam floor construction




Batueva Elena
Integrated building energy analysis in ArchiCAD-17
Dimitrova Blagovesta Petkova
Urban heat island and mitigation strategies for study case Vienna
Hammerberg Kristopher Fritz
Accounting for the role of trees in urban energy balance modeling using GIS techniques
Jain Vaibhav
Implementation of simulation-based virtual sensors using Radiance
Lim Sung James
The investigation of microclimate variation of urban canyons in Vienna, Austria
Mahmoudzadehvazifeh Ehsan
A high-resolution diffuse fraction model for Vienna
Öztop Serim
Potential for Passive Cooling of Buildings in Two Climatic Zones by Way of Natural Night Time Ventilation
Oñate Luis Fernando
Energy efficiency potential of luxury housing in the Valley of Mexico
Papavasileiou Georgia
Comparing the impact of Green and Cool roofs on a building’s thermal performance
Piewald Aleksandra
Performance assessment and modeling of a brick made "Sonnenhaus" in Zwettl
Sadeghi khafri Amirali
Implementing building visualization technologies in SEMERGY web-based building performance optimization tool
Seres Livia
Users’ behavior and perception of the indoor climate in a mechanically ventilated office building
Siafara Lydia Chaido
Design of an active solar systems software component for a performance-based optimization environment
Šibenik Goran
Energy saving using smart glazing systems & analysis of thermal building performance simulation

Research project assistant (part of Doctoral College Computational Design - Center for Geometry and Computational Design and Research group for integrated planning - Institute for Interdisciplinary Building Process Management) on Technische Universität Wien
Tsiouni Aikaterini
Thermal behavior of vernacular stone buildings in Greece




Agirman Esma
The impact of thermal retrofit on daylight in buildings
Bres Aurelien
Monitoring and simulation of the thermal impact of sun-shading systems
Burgos Moreno Fancy Andrea
A comparison of Chile and Austria with regard to building related energy standards
Calistru Cristina Andreea
Estimation of electrical lighting energy use in buildings

Project Designer at Fluidity Design Consultants, Los Angeles, California, USA
Collaborates with many of the world’s most respected architects, landscape architects, planners, institutions and developers in the realization of socially significant and exciting environments for various kinds of projects
Diaz Jimenez Ileana
An envelope retrofit for an existing building
Ghiassi Neda
Development of a building data model for a performance based optimization environment
Kaveh Parisa
Comparison of container classes and normal classrooms
Pozo Torres Luis Daniel
Multimodal user interfaces for CAAD
Sekula Agnieszka
Evaluation of micro-wind generation in urban environment
Skoruppa Linda
Evaluation of established eco-buildings in comparison to today’s performance characteristics
Szász Bianka
Comparison between a brick building and a straw-bale building in terms of energy efficiency
Taheri Mahnameh
Optimization-based calibration of a building thermal performance simulation model




Aleksandrowicz Or
Thermal performance analysis of central hall houses in the Israeli coastal plain
Ehrenfellner Philip
User interface development and data visualization for building monitoring systems
Krofak Ivan
Aspects of introducing energy efficiency in government housing projects in Croatia
Lamprogianni Aikaterini
Optimization-based site planning system

Architect, Owner of Omioma | Architectural visualization studio
Marcu Ana Maria
Design and production of a self-supported lightweight structure
Niedermair Stefan
Augmented reality on mobile devices for architectural visualisation
Palvelli Fabio
Native vs. custom BIM functions
Tan Pak Hooi
Thermal performance of a test cell in a hot-humid climate
Tugrul Arzu
Application of a calibrated room acoustics model for retrofit support
Vasku Michael
Generative planning decisions for informal settlements based on space syntax




Abermann Stephan
Utilization of the potential of biomimetics in sustainable architecture
Azarnejad Araz
Integrated parametric modelling and structural design for precast concrete stairs
Braumann Johannes
Parametric robot control

Univ.-Prof. Johannes Braumann    University for Arts and Design Linz    Co-Founder Association for Robots in Architecture
Espinosa Diana Patricia
Indoor environment, user evaluation and energy use in a "Passivhaus" student dormitory
Müller Veronika
Thermal implications of radiant roof barriers

Gewerberechtliche Geschäftsführerin Green Consult Gmbh,  Ingenieurbüro für Bauphysik,  Energieausweise, Wärme- und Schallschutz    Tel. 06767896765
Pisti Eirini
Demolition waste management and design for deconstruction
Stephanides Angelika
Indoor climatic conditions in a residential building with a humidity-responsive ventilation system




Cetin Rukiye
Exploring the availability and usability of web-based building performance simulation tools
Dibra Albana
A case study of user behaviour and indoor climate in an office buildung in Kosovo
Doppelbauer Eva-Maria
A comparison of energy and environmental performance of passive and low-energy houses
Morishita Naomi
A study of the relationship between thermal comfort & energy consumption in kindergartens
Stangl Benjamin
Simulation of interactive virtual spaces
Zavodnikova Katerina
Derivation of diffuse irradiance based on measured global irradiance data