First Semester Q&A

First, you should register for an account of the lecture information system TISS, opens an external URL in a new window. It is also advisable to register for an ArchLab, opens an external URL in a new window account and for the Campus W-LAN, opens an external URL in a new window. Then you should start registering for your courses.

You can access the lecture information system TISS from any computer with internet access. Navigate to tiss, opens an external URL in a new window and click on “Englisch” to change your language to English. Then choose “Curricula” on the top bar and on the next page click on “066444 Building Science and Technology  /  Mas.”. Now write down the numbers of the course you want to attend (in the first semester, choose all the lectures from the “Fundamentals” section).

Now enter your “Matrikelnummer” (student registration number) in the field next to the login button on top of the page. Use your chosen password to access your personal account. Select TISS in the list. In your account, choose "english" in the upper Bar next to your name. Click on “Favorites” (In the Group "Course Cockpit" on the left ). Now enter the number of one of the courses you want to attend and then click on “search” . Click now "Add to favorites" right from the name of the Course. Now you have the selected course in your favorites and can organise them into groups.

Some courses may have a arrow button in the "Reg." (registration) or "Group" column: That means that you should registrate for the course or should choose a group. We guarantee our students to get a spot in our core courses, so if you aren’t able to get into a group, please contact us so that we can sort it out.

The arrow button in the column Exam is used to register for exams.

There are VO, UE, VU or SEs. In TISS the "Type" column shows you the general type of a course.

VO: (Vorlesung/lecture) The lecturer presents the contents and methods of a subject. At the end there is a written and/or oral exam of the material covered in class. For a VO the institutes have to offer three dates to make the exam.

UE: (Übung/exercise) Students apply their knowledge and skills to specific problems. Grading is typically based on assignments. For a UE the institutes have to offer one date to make the exam.

VU: Lectures with exercises. For a VU the institutes have to offer one date to make the exam.

SE: (seminar) Lectures may be combined with in-class discussions and student presentations. Students usually write a paper. For a SE the institutes have to offer one date to make the exam.

The starting dates of your courses can be found in the TISS lecture information system, just go into the “Favoriten” section and click on the course. Here you will find information concerning time and location. If you don’t know where your lecture hall is, you can use the Wegweiser, opens an external URL in a new window homepage for directions.

We recommend students of Master Building Science and Technology to use their own notebook-PCs and to have access to the internet. Cheap legal software, opens an external URL in a new window for students at TU Wien can be bought at the library bookstore, e.g. 8€ for Microsoft Office 2007. 
If you do not have a PC, there is the possibility to use the Archlab, opens an external URL in a new window where you can work, print and use the internet. Click here, opens an external URL in a new window for directions. We strongly recommend to register for an Archlab account, opens an external URL in a new window as soon as you have enrolled.

For students with a WLAN-equipped notebook, it is possible to use the internet nearly everywhere within the university. Furthermore, there are numerous regular LAN-plugs. You can register for a free account here, opens an external URL in a new window.

In order to receive information concerning your courses, please make sure that the eMail address listed in your TISS, opens an external URL in a new window account is correct. To change your eMail address select the purple "Organisation" Tab at the right of the screen. Select "My study data" (in the Group "Links for students") and select "Änderungen im Adressbuch" (Changes in address book). Select "New email address" and fill in the eMail address on which we can contact you. By the point "Email Type" befor you fill in your address choose "Zustelladresse" (address for service). When you have done both points press the save button.

In order to be able to borrow books from the TU Wien library, you have to go there with your student card and get a library sticker with a barcode. There are no charges, unless you keep books for longer than allowed. The online catalogue is located here, opens an external URL in a new window.

Final Semester Q&A

No, ‘Master Building Science and Technology’ does not officially belong to the ‘Ziviltechniker’ category ‘Architecture’, therefore you need to have a ‘Master Architecture’ or another Diploma in architecture.

For your Master's thesis, you need a thesis advisor. When you have finished your thesis, you must choose a date on which you are going to present it. There are six examination dates every year and the thesis should be submitted two months before. Other dates can be arranged by exception, but the candidate has to secure the availability of the three examiners (your supervisor is automatically the first examiner) It is advised to contact the decanate timely in advance for any clarification.

More information on this field you will find at the website of the faculty of architecture, opens an external URL in a new window. There you can download all needed documents and get genreal information. When you have worked trough all the papers you can go there directly during the opening hours, opens an external URL in a new window or by your study assistent to ask if everything is correct as you did.