Building Science and Technology

Master Building Science and Technology

The Master in Building Science and Technology program targets students who wish to develop and deepen their knowledge in the areas of building performance, sustainable design and building informatics. The program is interdisciplinary and taught in English.


Significant social, economic, and environmental changes are causing a growing demand for high-performance and sustainable buildings. Due to advancements in science and technology, such buildings are ever more
diverse in function and shape as well as more energy efficient and responsive to occupants’ needs. Students in the graduate program Building Science and Technology learn how to apply scientific methods and State-of-the-art technologies in order to address the multi-faceted challenges posed by high performance and sustainable buildings.

Program strengths

  • Unique blend of courses in building performance, sustainable design and building informatics
  • Taught in English
  • Interdisciplinary and international
  • Exposure to R&D environment
  • Possibility to pursue doctoral (Ph.D.) studies at Vienna University of Technology
  • State-of-the-art computational design software, building performance modelling software and building diagnostics laboratory.

Who should apply

The program has a strong interdisciplinary character and is open to candidates from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds, such as architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science. International students are encouraged to apply. Students’ exposure to colleagues with different professional and cultural backgrounds is an essential ingredient of graduate studies.

Career Prospects

The program’s graduates are well-prepared to pursue careers in professional practices, consulting firms, industry, research, development organizations, and academic institutions.


3 semesters of full-time studies, 1 semester Master’s project (120 ECTS). Graduation from the program is contingent on successful course exams and the completion of a Master’s project, which is documented in a thesis and defended in a final oral exam administered by a committee.


Master of Science (MSc) degrees are awarded to graduates. This degree is equivalent to Diplom-Ingenieur (Dipl. Ing. or DI).

Admission requirements

The program is open to graduates with degrees from one of the following accredited national or international degreegranting programs (Bachelor, Master, Diploma): architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, and cognitive sciences. Furthermore, candidates with degrees from universities of applied sciences with commensurate qualification may be accepted. Other prerequisites: proficiency in English, familiarity with basic computing tools.
Detailed Admission requirements

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