Bachelor's Programme Mechanical Engineering - Management

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UE 033 282 – Bachelor's Programme Mechanical Engineering - Management

Duration of course

6 semesters


180 ECTS

Certificate received upon completion

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

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TU Wien attempts to support prospective students in their decision making phase for their studies, while ensuring the high and internationally recognized quality of their studies and teaching.

As of the winter semester 2019/20, there will be either admission or selection procedures (for bachelor's programmes with limited places) for all bachelor's programmes at TU Wien or a study preparation and reflection phase (PRe phase) for bachelor's programmes without place restrictions.

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Interest in technical scientific processes and their business/economic contexts is ideal for this course. You should be open to the use of computer tools, for example to develop and simulate technical and business models in order to create forecasts for the real world.

The Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering is particularly interested in encouraging students from general and vocational colleges to study engineering. Economy and science depend on tapping into the talents and skills of young women. Social skills, versatility and communication skills are particularly important for the Business Engineering specialising in Mechanical Engineering course, in addition to technical and analytical strengths.

This interdisciplinary course imparts engineering, mathematical, socioscientific, economic and IT knowledge, so that students are able to model, simulate and design systems from different perspectives. To be able to meet variable requirements, industrial engineers must have hands-on professional scientific knowledge and methodological skills. On the one hand, the design, optimisation and implementation of operational processes in terms of business production of goods and services are required; on the other, monitoring by a qualified individual of the constantly changing competitive environment, particularly the technology-dominated markets, is needed to identify new challenges early and use them for a company's benefit.

The facilities of the Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, including study areas and laboratory equipment, are modern and forward-thinking. The course is not currently oversubscribed and there are plenty of free spaces for all lectures, tutorials, laboratory sessions and seminars.

The job prospects reflect the modern, interdisciplinary qualification between engineering and business that this degree is. Business Engineering caters to the economy's urgent need for engineers who are trained in business and management. The prospects for good and interesting positions are excellent and many of our graduates have found employment in top positions. Unemployment amongst Business Engineering graduates is practically unheard of and starting salaries are well above average.

The combination of technical expertise and modern management techniques makes this course the best investment for a successful career in the Austrian or European economy.

Possible master's programmes at TU Wien

Successful completion of the bachelor's programme in Business Engineering specialising in Mechanical Engineering (E 033 282) enables the student to continue studying directly with the master's course in Business Engineering specialising in Mechanical Engineering (E 066 482). For other courses, students' suitability will be assessed by the respective responsible body.

Dean of Studies

Paul Heinz Mayrhofer

Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont.

Vice Dean of Studies

Michael Filzmoser

Associate Prof. Mag.rer.soc.oec.

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Dekanat der Fakultät für Maschinenwesen und Betriebswissenschaften
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1060 Wien

T +43-1-58801-30001

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Student Association

Student Association Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering

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