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Research at TU Wien - From Basic Research to Applications

Vice Rector Research and Innovation

The Vice Rector Research and Innovation coordinates the research agenda of TU Wien and directs the strategic development of research at the university.


  • Research strategy
  • Research Focal Areas
  • Research support
  • Research facilities
  • Research financing

The Vice Rector should be involved in all high value and interdisciplinary research projects and investments (see guidelines), manages the research budget and coordinates internal research funding.

Research at TU Wien is focused on five key areas. These five pillars represent strengths and skills of TU Wien going back many years, and they strengthen its profile in international competition. Within these key areas, work is carried out on an inter-disciplinary basis and the research spectrum is being constantly developed. The ‘additional fields’ provide further, equally important areas for research. All research activities are organised into a matrix.

Vice Rector Research and Innovation


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