TU Wien has concluded bilateral agreements on cooperation in research and education with universities from different countries. In the case of visiting scientists, TU Wien can pay the relevant lump sum for accommodation under this agreement.

GUIDELINES for the use of the grant for international visiting scientists at TU Wien financed from "Funds for University Partnerships"

1. Eligible beneficiaries

TU Wien has concluded bilateral agreements on cooperation in research and education with universities from different countries. International scientists visiting TU Wien in the framework of these agreements can receive from TU Wien a grant to cover their costs of stay in Vienna.

2. Application

A grant provided from the "Funds for University Partnerships" for the stay of an international visiting scientist at TU Wien can only be applied for by a TU Wien staff (except for project assistants/lectors).

The completed application for funding (Point 1. to Point 6.) must be submitted per E-Mail to Ms. Diana Tsenova diana.tsenova@tuwien.ac.at between 6 months and 3 weeks before the expected arrival of the guest. Applications can only be made for the current budget year (exception: it is possible to submit an application in December for the following January). Please use the relevant application form for this.

There is no legal entitlement to this funding.

3. Eligible activities

The funding is primarily foreseen for the initiation and realisation of research and academic cooperation with representatives from a partner university.

4. Daily rate for the stay

For a stay duration up to 10 days, a grant of € 100 per day is foreseen for all foreign visiting scientists. If the stay is longer than 10 days, a grant of € 25 per day is foreseen from the 11th day onwards.
It is possible to apply for a grant for a maximum duration of stay up to one month (30 days). The full grant for one month amounts to € 1500.

5. Payment

Payments to foreign visiting scientists can only be made by bank transfers.

Cash payments can only be made in justified individual cases (e.g. countries with a high banking risk) and require a prior approval by the bursar's office.

The basis for the payment is the finalised signed application:

  • filled in Points 8. and 9,
  • scan of the signed application as pdf or pdf file with qualified electronic signatures,

which is to be sent per E-Mail to Ms. Diana Tsenova, diana.tsenova@tuwien.ac.at.

The signed printout remains with you at the institute and must be kept there. The applicant is liable for the accuracy of the data provided.

6. Short report

Based on the provision of the grant, the applicant is obliged to produce a short written report about the visit and to submit it directly to the International Office within 14 days after the departure of the visiting scientist. You will find the reporting form here >>, opens a file in a new window.

7. Additional financing requests

In the case of additional financing commitments from other parties (dean’s office, FWF, etc.), the International Office must be informed, and may ask for partial repayment. Furthermore, any changes to details provided by the applicant, especially changes to the duration of stay or the cancellation of the trip abroad, must be communicated to the International Office immediately.

8. Cancellation of trips

Please note that neither cancellation fees for unstarted journeys, nor cancellation insurance can be financed from this budge!

9. Contact

Contact person for mobility grants in the International Office:
Mag. Diana TSENOVA
E-mail: diana.tsenova@tuwien.ac.at
Tel.:  (01) 58801 41557        

[1] Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Hungary Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.