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ERASMUS is a university mobility programme of the EU and part of the ‘ERASMUS+ programme’. The programme promotes mobility of students and teachers, organisation of intensive programmes, and cooperative curriculum development.

Attention! Special case Switzerland!
Switzerland does not officially participate in ERASMUS+ at present. However, you can still apply and be nominated for Switzerland using the Erasmus application  in TISS. Swiss universities pay all nominated incoming students a grant from the SWISS MOBILITY PROGRAMME.

Erasmus study stays in the context of COVID-19

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Erasmus Code

Erasmus Code of TU Wien:  A  WIEN02

Organisation at TU Wien

The International Office coordinates the ERASMUS programme at TU Wien in cooperation with the departmental coordinators.

Bilateral agreements with the partner universities form the basis for all mobility activities.

ERASMUS for students

How can I receive an ERASMUS grant?

  • Find out about currently available ERASMUS places in your field of study, as well as about the general programme guidelines (not yet available). (Home pages of universities worldwide at
  • Apply to one of the departmental coordinators for a study place (from 01/02 to 15/03 for the winter and summer semester or from 01/07 to 15/10 for the remaining summer semester places).
  • The application must be submitted through Mobility Services.
    - You can only apply if you are logged into TISS!
    - Software requirements: When applying in TISS, please make sure that you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Other browsers do not usually support data uploads in the Mobility Service.
  • Multiple study stays: Erasmus+ enables you to study abroad more than once. For each study cycle (Bachelor’s/Master's/PhD), you have 12 months available for Erasmus. Please note that you can NOT apply to the same host university more than once. Applications to the same host country are possible, however.
  • Extensions are only possible from the winter to the summer semester, i.e. the study stays must take place within the same academic year.
  • The selection of the grant holders is based on an expert ranking done by the programme coordinator  on the basis of the submitted documents. The documents to be submitted (uploaded) by the applicants  are listed in TISS Mobility Services. Usually, is they include the transcript of records, CV and language certificate.
  • After your nomination by the departmental coordinator, you must draw up a provisional study programme ("Learning Agreement - Recognition Certificate ["Anrechnungsbescheid"]"), which should be signed by the Dean of Academic Affairs in your  field of study. Submission to the International Office by 15/05 at the latest for the winter semester (onwards), by 15/11 at the latest for the summer semester. It is necessary to obtain at least 3 ECTS per each started month of your stay abroad.
  • Signing the ERASMUS grant agreement with the OeAD.
  • On return: Recognising of the completed courses by the Dean of Academic Affairs and submitting the  Recognition Certificate ("Anrechnungsbescheid") to  the Admission Office.
  • The complete process is described in our Checklist.
  • Grant amounts 2021 ( for study trips.
  • Special grant: Students with a disability or students with children, can apply to OeAD for a special grant  for the stay.

Contact in International Office:

Traude Krausler
[T]: +43 1 58801 41562




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Opening hours for students

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ATTENTION! Due to the current situation (coronavirus), the personal counselling in the International Office has been restricted. Please send us your questions by email or give us a call. Personal counselling only by appointment.


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