Studying abroad - mobility programmes

Traineeship in the industry

Vulcanus in Japan

Study fields

(Informatics, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Elektronics, Biotechnology, Physics, Telekommunications, Nuclear Engineering, Building and Foundation Construction, Metal Materials, Produktion Systems ...)

Programme description

Industrial  placements  in Japan incl.:

  •     one week seminars on Japan,
  •     a four-month intensive Japanese language course,
  •     an eight-month traineeship in a Japanese company.
Application deadline

20 January 2019 on-line:

  •     Grant: Yen 1.900.000 (for travel and stay)
  •     The accommodation is provided free of charge by the company
  •     Completion of at least 3 years of study
  •     Possible also for PhD students
  •     Duration of the stay in Japan: from September till August
Consultation at TUW

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