Selection and aptitude procedure for bachelor's programmes

Selection procedure

Limited number of study places

For studies with selection procedures, the number of available study places is limited. Students are selected before they are admitted to the degree programme.

Registration deadlines

Studies with selection procedures have their own registration deadlines. If the registration deadline is missed, participation in the selection procedure is not possible, as the selection procedure only takes place once a year before the start of the winter semester. Registration in the next year is possible.


Admission to the degree programme is only possible after successful completion of the selection procedure and fulfilment of the requirements for admission to the respective Bachelor's programme.

If you have gained a study place on the programme, you will receive an admission code via your account upon completion of the selection procedure, which you will bring with you to the Admissions Office for personal enrolment together with all other necessary documents for admission. If you are admitted to TU Wien for the first time, you have to make an appointment at the Admissions Office for the personal enrolment within the framework of the online registration.

Lateral entry into the degree programme

If you are already studying Computer Science, Architecture or Spatial Planning at another university and would like to continue your studies at TU Wien, please inform yourself about the lateral entry into the degree programme.

Computer Science and Business Informatics

Aptitute procedure (Studien-VoR-Phase)

Since the winter semester 2019/20, TU Wien offers a study preparation and reflection phase (Studien-VoR-Phase) for all Bachelor's degree programmes for which no selection procedure is carried out.

The aptitude procedure (Study-VoR-Phase) is intended to serve all prospective students as a decision-making aid for a study programme, as well as a preparation for entering the chosen study programme. The structure and the individual parts of the aptitude procedure are adapted and determined by representatives of the respective degree programme and must be completed before admission to the degree programme.

Information on the aptitude procedure for each bachelor's programme can be found under Study Programmes.

Deadlines for the aptitude procedure (Studien-VoR-Phase) for the winter semester 2022

Deadlines: 1 April 2022 to 5 September 2022

Please note that you must also have completed your aptitude procedure by then. Subsequently, personal enrolment is only possibel from 11 July 2022 to 12 September 2022 in the Admissions Office by prior appointment. Admission to the Bachelor's degree programme after the general admission deadline (until 31 October 2022) is only possible in exceptional cases defined by law.

The appointment for the personal enrolment in the Admissions Office has to be made within the framework of the online registration. The online registration is possible from the beginning of the general admission period. Upon completion of the aptitude procedure, you will receive an admission code via your account, which you will bring with you to the Admission Office for personal enrolment along with all other required documents for admission.

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