Online pre-registration

After receiving your admission letter and - if necessary - your visa you can come to Vienna. Once in Vienna, you can do the online pre-registration.

Therefor you need a photo on an USB flash drive. Some mobile phones can also be connected, if you provide the appropriate cable.

Switch on the computer and log in using kiosk mode (click on KIOSK). Plug in your USB flash drive. To carry out the pre-registration you get to the form via the link "Studien Anmeldung" on the startup page (

Perform the pre-regsitration, following the instructions in the form. You will find your USB flash drive named USB0 in the directory tree. After finishing log off using the button at the end of the screen.

You will receive an email with your sequencenumber.


To finish your admission:

  • take the sequencenumber
  • your admission letter
  • and your passport and come to the Admission Office of the TU Wien during office hours.