Four steps towards admission

Collect Information - Admission procedure - Online pre-enrolment - Enrolment

You are interested to start or continue your studies at TU Wien? TU Wien offers a wide range of study programs. Please see the link for detailed information concerning study programs.

NOTE: Please read the academic calendar of TU Wien to check the application deadlines for each semester!

Applicants in possession of a school leaving certificate issued in an EU/EEA state or a non-EU/EEA state are required to send in their application for admission to higher education studies by post mail, within the admission period.

NOTE: Please read carefully all necessary information about the admission procedure here.

After receiving the admission letter you can move to Vienna. Once in Vienna, you have to do the online pre-registration.

NOTE: There's no point in doing the online pre-enrolement before moving to Vienna!

After the online pre-enrolment you have to come in person to the Admission office of TU Wien. To finish the admission procedure you have to bring your notification of admission (admission letter), your sequencenumber from the online pre-enrolment and your passport.

NOTE: Mind the office hours of the Admission Office! You find them here.