Co-Registration / changing your degree programme

What does Co-Registration mean?

Students who make use of another University's teaching while remaining fully enrolled at only one university are called co-registered students (Mitbeleger). Some degree programmes at the University of Vienna, at TU Wien and at the University of Economics (WU) are 'inter-universitary courses'. Students of these degree programmes also have to register as co-registered students at the beginning of every semester.

Students of TU Wien can co-register at other universities, too. The procedures are similar but not identical. Please find information at the respective university you want to co-register at and mind the admission periods.

Please note: co-registration

  1. has to be renewed every semester within the admission periode
  2. is possible only between Austrian Universities!

Co-Registration at the TU Wien

ATTENTION! Co-Registration is only possible within the admission deadlines (WS: beginning of July to 30th of November SS: beginning of January to 30th of April)!

Changing your degree programme

You are currently a student at TU Win and would like to change to a bachelor or master programme? On the part of TU Wien you can change your degree programme as often as you like, but changing your study programme might take influence on the fact if you are eligible to receive certain grants or benefits (e.g. in Austria: "Familienbeihilfe" and "Studienbeihilfe").

Please note that passed exams can only be registered as long as you are still enrolled in the study programme. If you change your studies then you will be dergistered from your old study programme immediately but your new study programme will officially begin on March 1st or October 1st (depending on the semester you changed your dgree programme in). You find the form for deregistration here.