START Awards

The START Award allows young top-level researchers to plan their research projects for the longer term with a high degree of financial security. Project leaders should be qualified for a leading position in the scientific system (in particular as university teaching staff in Austria or abroad), through autonomous development and leadership of a working group.

TU Wien Award Winners

  • 2020: Elisa Davoli: The mathematics of smart materials
  • 2020: Robert Ganian: Difficult problems and artificial intelligence
  • 2018: Emanuela Bianchi, New materials assembling themselves
  • 2017: Miriam Unterlass, Hydrothermal to functional organic framework structures

  • 2015: Ivona Brandic, Rucon – Runtime control in Multi-Clouds

  • 2015: Gareth Parkinson, Surface science investigation of single atom catalysers

  • 2013: Clemens Heitzinger, Partial differential equations for nanotechnology

  • 2013: Stefan Woltran, Decomposition and dynamic programming for complex calculation problems

  • 2012: Franz Schuster, Isoperimetric inequalities and integral geometry

  • 2012: Jürgen Hauer, Octave-width laser pulses for 2D electronic spectroscopy

  • 2011: Agata Ciabattoni, Non-classical proofs: theory, automation, application

  • 2011: Thomas Müller, Graphene-based photonics

  • 2011: Peter Rabl, Quantum dynamics of opto- and nano-mechanical systems

  • 2009: Thorsten Schumm, Nuclear Physics with a Laser: 229Thorium

  • 2008: Daniel Grumiller, Black Holes in AdS, the Universe, and Analog Systems

  • 2007: Paul-Heinz Mayrhofer, Atomistic investigations of metastable phases

  • 2006: Josef Teichmann, Geometry of stochastic differential equations

  • 2004: Vassil Palankovski, Simulation of modern semiconductor components

  • 2004: Gerhard Schütz, Immunology under the nanoscope

  • 2000: Thomas Brabec, Light matter interactions at an ultra-short timescale

  • 1999: Thomas Schrefl, Simulation of innovative magnetic substances

  • 1997: Michael Schmid, Adsorption and growth on surfaces at an atomic scale

  • 1996: Ferenc Krausz, Ultra-short light pulses

  • 1996: Ulrich Schmid, Wireline – Wireless Factory – Facility Fieldbus

  • 1996: Peter Szmolyan, Dynamically singularly perturbed differential equations

  • 1996: Karl Unterrainer, Semiconductor nanostructures for terahertz electronics