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Dr. Marjo Rauhala MSSc., BA - Coordination Research Ethics

Portrait: Dr. Marjo Rauhala MSSc., BA

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Marjo Rauhala is the research ethics coordinator at TU Wien with responsibilities to support members of the TU research community in identifying and addressing ethical dimensions in their research proposals.

Drawing on a theoretical background in philosophical and biomedical ethics and hands-on engineering ethics from long-term collaboration in diverse TU research teams, Marjo Rauhala has gained a broad experience in the field of research ethics.

Since FP7, Marjo Rauhala participates regularly in the European Commission’s expert panels in ethics screening, review and check/follow-up of European funded research for the European Commission’s Ethics and Research Integrity Sector and the European Research Council (ERC). Knowing how such processes work is a valuable background in drawing attention to the relevant issues in research proposals.



T. +43 1 58801 406630

Contact Person    Dr. Marjo Rauhala MSSc., BA  

Telefon +43 1 58801 406630



Research Ethics Coordination E058
Favoritenstraße 16/DG
1040 Wien