upTUdate is an email and calendar service of the TU Wien. An upTUdate account is automatically available to you as an employee at the TU Wien.

Your upTUdate account allows you to receive and send emails with a variety of mail clients, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, up to a size of 50 MB. The default size of your mailbox is 20 GB. You can also access your mailbox from outside the TU Wien via the Outlook Web App. In addition, synchronisation with mobile devices is possible.

upTUdate groups are required by a number of TU.it services, most notably to regulate permissions. A distinction is generally made between organisational groups and eligibility groups.

Your organisational unit is already listed in upTUdate as an organisational group (with all members of your organisational unit Ennn) and can be used for both calendar sharing and mail distribution (Ennn@intern.tuwien.ac.at).

Eligibility groups (Ennn.mygroup) can be made up of any person registered in TISS (TU Wien Information Systems & Services). To set up a new upTUdate eligibility group, please contact the address manager of your institute or organisational unit. Calendars can be shared with each group, mail distributors can be set up and functional personal accounts can be created.

Details of the ordering process, costs and billing can be found on the TU.it website, opens an external URL in a new window. Please note that this information is located in the internal area of the homepage and therefore only available after successful login.