TUproCloud is a TU Wien cloud service which allows the integration of external project partners and is recommended for uploading, storing, sharing, and cooperatively editing data and documents in cross-institutional projects.

TUproCloud content is integrated into your personal TUownCloud account as a share folder. You can therefore access TUproCloud online anytime and anywhere via https://owncloud.tuwien.ac.at/ using your upTUdate username and password.

Unlike TUownCloud, TUproCloud is intended for projects, rather than individuals, and offers storage of up to hundreds of GB, which can be adjusted to meet changing needs during the course of the project.

Eligibility rights are managed by the TUproCloud project contact person. As an employee of the TU Wien, you can assume this role, even for several TUproClouds. TUproCloud also allows project partners from outside of the TU Wien to grant reading and writing rights, after setting up their own accounts.

Please include your desired amount of storage space when ordering. Several hundred GB are possible.

The project contact person is responsible for putting in the order for a TUproCloud via the TU.it-Webseite.

0,03 €/GB/quarter (as of October 2019)

TU.it keeps your data available independently and redundantly at two different locations and keeps a daily disaster recovery backup for any emergencies.

Data is stored on the TU Wien's own servers. Self-encrypting hard drives prevent unauthorized access in the event of repair, reuse or disposal. Data transfer to and from TUproCloud is encrypted (SSL). However, TUproCloud clients do not encrypt the data themselves. If preferred, you may encrypt your data before uploading it to TUproCloud.

For more information about TUproCloud, visit the TU.it website.