TUownCloud is the TU Wien's employee-oriented file sync and share service, a facility to easily store, exchange, and collaboratively edit data and documents. In the TUownCloud, 20 GB of storage is automatically available to you as an employee of the TU Wien. Go to https://owncloud.tuwien.ac.at/, opens an external URL in a new window to access your cloud using your upTUdate username and password.

You can assign the following editing rights in a differentiated manner to other TUownCloud users or groups and can revoke them at any time: share, edit, create a directory, modify and delete.

You can award persons outside of the TU Wien download and upload rights by sending a link via e-mail. The rights can be provided with password protection and an expiration date, if required. Assigned passwords cannot be sent to link receivers via the TUownCloud and must be sent externally. Upload rights can only be awarded for an entire folder, download rights for individual files, as well.

20 GB of storage space are at your disposal. Using a web interface, the upload limit is 512 MB, although larger files can also be uploaded using the client.

Synchronisation occurs automatically or according to self-determined settings with any number of devices for selected folders. Files listed in the TUownCloud configuration as "ignored files" will not be synchronised. You can edit this list according to your own needs.

Depending on the available free space, deleted files can still be found under "deleted files" for a maximum of 180 days. Only when you permanently delete your deleted files in the web interface will they no longer exist in the cloud. After that, you still have 30 days to recover your data from a backup in an emergency. Please contact help@it.tuwien.ac.at.

All data is secured on TU Wien servers. Self-encrypting hard drives prevent unauthorized access in the event of repair, reuse or disposal. Data transfer to and from the TUownCloud is also encrypted (SSL). However, TUproCloud clients do not encrypt the data themselves. If preferred, you may encrypt your data before uploading it to TUproCloud.

Details of the ordering process, costs and billing can be found on the TU.it website, opens an external URL in a new window. Please note that this information is located in the internal area of the homepage and therefore only available after successful login.