TUhost allows you to run virtual machines (VM) on a central and highly available virtualization platform. This service is suitable for operating servers with moderate resources, but high availability requirements, such as GitLab repositories, databases and application servers. The virtual machines are available 24 hours a day and there are no maintenance interruptions.

The virtual machines can be operated independently by the user (TU Wien employees). Administrative rights are granted automatically via upTUdate permission groups. All administrators have the same access rights. Persons not affiliated with the TU Wien may not access TUhost.

Required computing power and the amount of RAM or disk space required can be ordered according to your needs and adjusted at any time.

Before ordering, the required upTUdate groups must be created. The order itself is made via the TU.it website. When ordering, please include the following information: the billing group, the VM name (host.subdomain), the number of CPUs, information on the desired computing power or memory size (RAM-GB, DiskSys-GB, DiskData-GB, DiskHighPerf-GB), the administrator group, the operating system (Centos, Debian or Windows Server), the individual IP addresses for which console access should be made possible, as well as the purpose of the virtual machine.

TUhost-vCPUs:                     8 €/quarter

TUhost-RamGB:                    8 €/quarter

TUhost-DiskSysGB:          0,10 €/quarter

TUhost-DiskDataGB:         0,10 €/quarter

TUhost-DiskHighPerfGB:  0,25 €/quarter

(as of October 2019)

A full disaster recovery system with daily backups and a retention time of 30 days will be in operation for all virtual machines. Administrators can independently recover individual files or the complete virtual machine from a backup.

As a user, you are responsible for security matters.

For more information about TUhost, visit the TU.it website.