TUfiles gives you the opportunity to deposit data requiring moderate access and high availability on a central, highly available network drive. It is well suited for storing project data and scientific data of manageable volume.


Access rights are awarded via upTUdate groups, opens in new window. Choose an existing group or let the address manager of your organisational unit assemble a new group in the TISS.

Under the standard permission concept, all members of the selected upTUdate group have full access to the stored data. Persons outside the selected upTUdate group do not have any access whatsoever to the data.

The special permission concept is aimed at organisational units which need a complex   network drive with multiple folders to grant different permissions. This concept delegates all permissions to a second upTUdate group, the organisational unit's administrator group. This allows the illustration of complex permission structures. All folders and permissions can and must be maintained by the organisational administrator.

Storage space is allotted according to need and space requirements and should be specified at the time of ordering. In general, several terabytes of storage are possible. An extension of your existing share is possible at any time and does not require a service interruption. For this reason, please order only the amount of space that is really needed.

A snapshot of the network drives is taken daily at 0:00, as well as Monday through Friday at 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00. This allows users of Windows systems to restore older or erroneously deleted versions of folders and files themselves. For this feature, storage space at a volume of about 20% of the size of the network drive is provided. This additional space is not visible to users and is not calculated as part of the size of your network drive. If the additional space for older versions (max. 64) is insufficient, the oldest versions will be deleted first.

In the case of writing access, a check is done using virus scanners. If the scan triggers an alarm, the responsible IT manager will be notified. Self-encrypting disks exclude unauthorized access for repair, reuse or disposal.

Access is only possible via a VPN (virtual private network). For TU Wien employees, your network account (username@tuwien.ac.at) serves as your access authorization. Alternatively, access is possible via the VPN portal (SSL).

Details of the ordering process, costs and billing can be found on the TU.it website, opens an external URL in a new window. Please note that this information is located in the internal area of the homepage and therefore only available after successful login.