Storing and sharing data

Here you will find an overview of the services offered the by TU Wien for the secure storage and easy exchange of data during a project period. For information on handling research data after project completion, see the Data Preservation and Publication page.

The TU Wien offers various services for the storage and exchange of research data to its researchers. For example use...


to securely store scientific data with a manageable volume (up to 10 TB) and share it within your organisational unit.
More on TUfiles.


to securely store large volumes (more than of 10 TB) of raw data on your own data servers.
More about Serverhousing.

upTUdate (E-Mail)

to send someone outside your organisational unit one or more files (up to 50MB) quickly, easily and securely.
More on upTUdate.


to exchange large files with persons inside or outside the TU Wien.
More about TUownCloud.


to store data securely and share it with a project team comprised of members from inside and outside the TU Wien.
More about TUproCloud.


to run a virtual machine (for example, a web server) without having to take care of the hardware.
More on TUhost.

If you have any questions about storing and sharing research data in the project phase, please contact us here.

Are you familiar with OpenRefine?

OpenRefine (formerly Google Refine) is a helpful open source tool for organising, cleaning, transforming and enriching data.

NEW: TUdocs

As an extension of TUownCloud and TUproCloud, TUdocs supports collaborative work by providing the ability to work together and simultaneously on a document.