High performance computing (HPC)

High performance computing includes all computing work that requires higher computing power or storage capacity. High performance computers are designed for parallel processing and are usually organised in clusters. A key application of high performance computers is scientific computing in the fields of meteorology, astrophysics, particle physics, materials science, systems biology, genetics, quantum chemistry and fluid mechanics.

TU.it Services

TU.it offers the following HPC services:

Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC)

The Vienna Scientific Cluster, opens an external URL in a new window is a cooperation of several Austrian universities that offers supercomputer resources and corresponding services to its users. The current flagship of the VSC is the VSC-4, the most powerful computer ever put into operation in Austria. With 2.7 petaflops (one petaflop is one million billion computing operations per second), the VSC-4 achieves almost five times the performance of its predecessor, the VSC-3.