Data management plans

A data management plan (DMP) is a structured guide which keeps a record of what research data is created and what happens to that data during and after a project. This includes information about the origin of the data and contextual information relating to the data collection process, but also about possible restrictions on access to that data, as well as later citability, long-term availability and, if necessary, deletion.

A DMP helps with planning the research process and defining responsibilities in a research project involving several researchers or institutions. This also allows to identify possible expenditure of resources at an early stage.

If you require assistance filling out a DMP, would like your DMP checked or have any other questions regarding data management plans, please contact us.

We have compiled some general guidelines and templates from funding bodies below:

If you have any questions about data management plans, please contact us here.

Automated DMP tool

We are currently working on a tool to help researchers create DMPs.

Our goal is to minimize manual effort while maintaining the quality of the information provided.


Our solution is based on machine-actionable DMPs, the DMPs of the future. If you are interested in testing our tool and providing feedback, we look forward to hearing from you.


You can find a a clear presentation of this topic in the article "Ten principles for machine-actionable data management plans".