DMP requirements in Horizon 2020

Within the first six months of the project period, approved projects must file a first version of a data management plan as a deliverable. The European Commission provides the templates, samples and support described below, the use of which is recommended.

The data management plan must be updated during the course of the project if there are significant changes, such as:

  • new data,
  • changes in the guidelines of the consortium (e.g. new innovation potential, decision for patent application) or
  • changes in the composition of the consortium (e.g. entry of new consortium members or departure of old members).

Apart from that, an update of the DMP should be carried out with all regular evaluations of the project. If no further reviews are provided for in the grant agreement, an update should be carried out prior to the final review. In addition, the consortium can set a timeline for review in the data management plan itself.

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Creating DMPs in Horizon 2020


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The European Commission does not currently prescribe a specific template for DMPs, as practices and standards vary across disciplines. However, the following templates are recommended for Horizon 2020 projects:


It is vital that DMPs meet the FAIR principles. You can find more on this topic here: Minimum criteria for a DMP.

We recommend the online tool for creating DMPs in Horizon 2020 projects:

  • DMP Online Tool – select European Commission (Horizon 2020) as the funder


More information for beginners

In the slides and recording of the FFG webinar Data Management Plans in Horizon 2020, opens an external URL in a new window (Tomasz Miksa, October 2017) you will find compact and comprehensible information on the practical handling of data management plans in Horizon 2020 projects.