Doctoral programmes – DKs

Doctoral programmes are designed as training centres to educate highly qualified young academics with an emphasis on the sciences, and to promote the continuity and impact of such subjects.

TU Wien:

Currently running:

  • CPPS (Cyber-Physical Production Systems) (D.Gerhard), Link
  • Computational Design (DC: CD) (H. Pottmann), Link
  • BIOINTERFACE - Frontier Research in Nanotechnology and the Life Sciences (G. Kahl), Link
  • Unravelling Advanced 2D Materials TU-D (F. Libisch), Link
  • Trust in Robots – Trusting Robots (TrustRobots)


  • Catalysis Materials and Technology (G. Rupprechter)
  • Vienna Graduate School on Computational Materials Science (K. Held) Link
  • Adaptive Distributed Systems (G.Kappel), Link
  • Environmental Informatics (S. Dustdar), Link
  • MEIBio Molecular and Elemental Imaging in Bioscience (M. Marchetti-Deschmann), Link
  • EWARD Energiebewusste Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung (R. Giffinger), Link
  • URBEM Urbanes Energie- und Mobilitätssystem (T. Bednar), Link
  • Partielle Differentialglechungen in technischen Systemen (A. Jüngel) Link
  • AB-Tec Applied Bioscience Technology (M.D. Mihovilovic),
  • Computational Perception (M. Gelautz), Link
  • ENSYS Energiesysteme 2030 (M. Haider), Link
  • Functional Matter (S. Bühler-Paschen), Link 
  • Mathematical Logic in Computer Science (T. Eiter), Link


  • CoQuS - Complex Quantum Systems, (J. Schmiedmayer) Link
  • Dissipation und Dispersion in Differentialgleichungen (A. Jüngel), Link
  • Solid Fun - Funktionelle Festkörper (U. Schubert), Link
  • Wasserwirtschaftliche Systeme (G. Blöschl), Link 
  • Particles and Interactions (A.Rebhahn), Link 
  • NanoCell - Nano-Analytics of Cellular Systems (G. Schütz) Link
  • Logische Methoden in der Informatik (H. Veith), Link
  • Molecular Drug Targets (M.Mihovilovic), Link
  • VGSCO - Vienna Graduate School on Computational Optimization Link

FWF - Austrian Research Fund, Link


  • Vienna PhD School of Informatics, Link
  • WIT - Women in Technology, Link