Research Profile

TU Wien defines its research profile on the basis of existing strengths and competences, and has therefore specified five Research Focal Areas for the university in the Research Matrix .

The TU Focal Areas of Research have been taken out of the faculty structure and assigned with TU Wien fields of research. They respresent cross-faculty areas of competence within TU Wien’s research expertise, and thus provide the basis for the scientific profiling.

A detailed evaluation of the research activities carried out at TU Wien, correlated with the research profiles of the scientists, revealed that approx. 80% of the research is carried out in the fields of research within the TU Focal Areas of Research.

In order to promote clustered research according to specialism outside of the five key areas, four ‘Additional Fields of Research’ have been added to the TU Research Matrix.

TU Wien Research Matrix

Research Matrix

The TU Research Matrix describes the Research Focal Areas and the Additional Fields with the dedicated research fields. 

[Translate to English:] cse

Computational Science and Engineering

Research is focused on technological basis of information processing for the development of innoative computer technic applications, and ranges from fundamental mathematics to the development of electronic hardware and simulation of high complexity systems. 

[Translate to English:] quantum

Quantum Physics and Quantum Technologies

Focus of research is the possible usage of quantrum phenomenons, which range from fundamental interactions of elementary parcticles to radiation sources of ultralow photon pulses and to the regulation of single atom conditions and thus devices for quantum computers. 

[Translate to English:] M+M

Materials and Matter

From nano world up to the development of new materials for large volume applications - researchers work on theoretical, e.g. mathematical, computer models, was well as experimental processing and trials of innovative materials. 

[Translate to English:] ICT

Information and Communication Technology

Research and development is pursued with a multiplicity of projects focussing on internet on a wide scale. Besides technological basics also the economic, social and cultural embedding of the information and communication technologies is  investigated.

[Translate to English:] E+U

Energy and Environment

Research focusses on the exploitation of new energy resources, energy supply and its storage and efficient usage. The technical competences are complemented with internal scientific expertise in the areas of climate, environment, economy and resources.

[Translate to English:] additional

Additional Fields of Research

The research bow draws from fundamental mathematics and mathematical economy to the interdisciplinary view on the European city and further to the connection betweeen science and arts.