A range of awards provides an attractive stimulant to research for PhD and post-doctoral students at TU Wien. Awards for research in dissertation projects are made with the Hannspeter Winter Award and the Ressel Award. Postdocs, in turn, can apply for the TU Wien Science Award, which recognises outstanding scientific achievements meeting international standards.

Science Award

The Science Award offers an opportunity to excellent postdocs to successfully set up their own research group. In addition to the boost to reputation from the award, the financial incentive allows for a high degree of freedom and flexibility. This means that high risk projects in research or in appreciation of the arts can be successfully implemented.

Science Award

Hannspeter Winter - Award

The Hannspeter Winter Award is awarded each year by the Rector, to the value of EUR 10,000 (funded by income from the BA/CA Foundation and from TU Wien’s own budget).

This award is for outstanding scientific research achievements in the context of dissertation projects submitted to TU Wien by students completing a doctoral study.


Dr. Ernst Fehrer Award

The Dr Ernst Fehrer Award has been awarded at the end of each year since 1982, according to the Guidelines for Honours of TU Wien. Only scientists educated at TU Wien or currently working there, in the subjects of Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Physics, are considered for the award.

Award winners

Ressel Award

Der Resselpreis wird jährlich von der Rektorin in der Höhe von EUR 13.000,--vergeben (gespeist aus den Kostenersätzen gemäß § 27 Abs. 3 UG)
Durch diesen Preis werden Forschungsleistungen im Rahmen von Dissertationsprojekten ausgezeichnet, die in einem direkten Zusammenhang mit interdisziplinärer Drittmittelforschung stehen und in Kooperationsprojekten mit Unternehmen als Forschungspartner durchgeführt wurden.