TU Wien cooperates with Mongolian University

A delegation from Mongolian State University in Ulaanbaatar visited TU Wien last week - a cooperation agreement was signed.

Group photo with the delegation of the Mongolian State University.

From front left: Prof. Erdenebaatar, Dr. Anna Pimenov, Dr. K. Hradil, Prof. Jav Davaasambuu, Unipräsident Prof. Tumur-Ochir, Dekan Fröhlich, Prof. Bat-Ireedui. From back left: Dr. Nyamdelger Shirchinnamjil, Prof. Grothe, Prof. Rupprechter.

The new X-ray center is not only an important step forward for research work at TU Vienna, it also opens new doors abroad. Vice Rector Sabine Seidler, Dean Johannes Fröhlich and Head of the X-ray Center Klaudia Hradil signed a cooperation agreement with a delegation from Mongolian State University.

Personal contacts in Mongolia

Klaudia Hradil already established contacts with Mongolia during her research time in Göttingen through her then colleague Jav Davaasambuu and also had the opportunity to get to know the university in Ulaanbaatar herself. After Jav Davaasambuu was appointed director of the Department of Physics and Electronics at the University of Ulaanbaatar, the idea of initiating a cooperation with the X-ray Center came up.

The Mongolian delegation - led by university president and former science minister Sanjbegz Tumur-Ochir - is currently on a tour of Europe, visiting a number of central European universities. Due to the already existing personal relations with the Vienna University of Technology, the President decided to visit the X-ray Center of the Vienna University of Technology.

Cooperation in research

The cooperation agreement is intended to promote scientific exchange: Joint projects are to be created, joint measurements at major research facilities are to be made possible, and opportunities for research stays are to be created. For Dean Johannes Fröhlich and University President Tumur-Ochir, this is the basis for future successful cooperation in the area of research-led teaching.