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[Translate to EnEva Sevcsik at the award ceremony for the FWF's prestigious Elice Richter Prizeglish:] Eva Sevcsik bei der Verleihung des renommierten Elice-Richter-Preises des FWF
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Eva gets selected for the prestigious Elice Richter Programm by the FWF

the biophysics team on a group excursion, hiking in the Rax
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group excursion to the Rax mountains of Austria

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Andi gives a lecture at the annual workshop in Linz
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XIX Annual Linz winter workshop

picture of Baby Jonathan
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Tons of congratulations to Eva and Mario on your little bundle of joy! Now that your precious son is born, you need to brush up on stories about…

picture of Timea
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Timea Varadi joins the group as a postdoc


Scientific illustration from the publication by Andreas Anderluh
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PIP2: A glue for the SERT gang