Atomika 8030W

The Atomica 8030W system is a commercial TXRF spectrometer developed for wafer surface contamination control for semiconductor industry. It can detect elements form Potassium to Lead. Detection limits are in the range of 1010 atoms/cm2, depending on the element of interest. The system can work with wafers from 100mm to 200mm. It is possible to do spatially resolved measurements on the wafer surface with a resolution of 7mm. The sample can be excited using Mo-Kα, from a 3kW Mo x-ray tube. Monochromatisation is done using a double multilayer monochromator. The fluorescence signal is detected using a Si(Li) detector. In order to reduce scattering radiation between sample and detector the normal air can be displaced by Helium. Sample handling is automated using a robot.

The system is placed in cleanroom environment in order to avoid additional contaminations. For this spectrometer the accreditation according to ISO 17025 is valid.

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