ANalytical Epsilon5

The Epsilon 5 is commercial EDXRF spectrometer from PANalytical. It uses a water cooled x-ray tube with a Tungsten-Scandium Anode and a liquid nitrogen cooled Germanium Detector. Due to the powerful generator (max 100kV, 24mA, 600W) and nine secondary targets a wide range of elements can be determined (magnesium to uranium).

 The sample is excited by the radiation from the secondary target. There are two different types of secondary targets. Fluorescent targets use the characteristic radiation of the element in the target to excite the sample. Barkla Targets use the scattered tube radiation. Due to polarisation the 3D optical path reduces the spectral background compared to 2D setup.

All measurements are done under vacuum condition. The spectrometer is equipped with an automatic sample changer. The E5 is able to measure pressed pellets or glass beads up to 50mm diameter.

The software offers a spectrum peak search and match routine. Beside the qualitative analysis, there is the possibility to use standards or AutoQuantify software for quantification. The software also offers different matrix correction models.

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The PANalytical Epsilon5 spectrometer

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3D Optical Path of the spectrometer