EULiST Alliance Overall Objectives

    ● To educate multilingual, socially responsible European citizens who build and strengthen bridges between science and society.

    ● Build an analogy and virtual European inter-university EULiST campus with a strong culture of diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.

    ● Develop innovative, flexible and interactive teaching formats and curricula with close and sustained integration of cutting-edge research.

    ● Establishment of cross-border teams of students, scientists and regional stakeholders that develop sustainable solutions to current societal challenges in transnational, cross-disciplinary and cross-sector constellations.

    ● Establishing a collaborative knowledge and transfer network between the participating regions as science locations to promote knowledge-based research, innovation and evidence-based policy making.

In July 2023, the EULiST Alliance was successfully awarded a four-year project within the "European Universities Initiative" under the European Commission's Erasmus+ programme. The EULiST project , opens an external URL in a new windowfocuses on the European Universities Linking Society and Technology and officially began on 1 November 2023 in Hannover, where the kick-off meeting was held.

Over the next four years, until 2027, the EULiST Alliance will strive to achieve six specific objectives in order to fulfil EULiST’s mission and ambition structured in five Work Packages: EULiST Governance, Coordination and Strategy, EULiST Campus, EULiST Teaching and Learning, EULiST Research and Innovation and EULiST Outreach, Engagement and Transfer.