i²c STARTacademy

Healthy societies, resilient economies and thriving ecosystems have one thing in common: breakthrough innovations. Through your research, you have the privilege to be among those who actively build the world of tomorrow and tackle humankinds’ biggest on-going challenges. With the i²c STARTacademy, we provide TU Wien scientists with the infrastructure, focus and guidance needed to understand what it takes to implement your research and ideas into new products and services – and bring it to society.  

The European acclaimed i²c STARTacademy format provides you with a personalized framework for investigating the business potential of your research, developing a first business model and thoroughly planning your market entry by bringing you together with 30+ experienced national & international mentors, coaches, investors and industry representatives over the course of three full days in order for you to work together with them on the following aspects of your research projects:

  • How to describe the key features of your research and the benefits it brings to the customers.
  • Market & competitor analysis methods to discover the specific needs of the market your prospective customers belong to.
  • How to determine and effectively reach your customers (market segmentation, market targeting, product positioning).
  • Marketing MIX: product, price, place, promotion.
  • Tools and methods for developing a business model and a financial plan.
  • Financing strategy & pitch training (targeting investors, customers, whoever you want to target with your storytelling)

Participation is free of charge for TUW scientists and the number of projects participating in the bootcamp is restricted to maximum 10.

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