Measurement Day for Driver-vehicle Interaction in the Driving Dynamics Limit Range

In April 2022 staff and students of the research unit Technical Dynamics and Vehicle System Dynamics were guests at the ÖAMTC Driving Technology Centre Melk/Wachauring to investigate the interaction between driver and vehicle at the limit. In the background of the photo you can see the sporty measurement vehicle, extensively equipped with measurement technology, which was used for driving over the skidding platform. Future driver support systems will take over more and more driving functions. In terms of driving safety, it is interesting to see from which driving conditions the driver may be able to take over the driving of the vehicle suddenly and unexpectedly. In order to be able to characterise the behaviour of the driver and vehicle even in the case of a sudden loss of stability, the skid plate is very suitable. From the measurement data, the students want to parameterise their driver model, which can also be used in emergency and limit situations.

Group picture in front of a blue sports car

Increasing the driving safety of e-scooters is another goal of the group. Braking tests on dry and wet road surfaces were carried out with an e-scooter equipped with sensors. The aim is to develop a brake assistance system which, with a controlled allocation of braking forces to the front and rear wheels, should enable (lane-)stable braking with high deceleration values at the same time.