Johanna Bartlechner honored as a young scientist at the TU Wien!

In June 2022 Johanna Bartlechner was honored as a young scientists from the TU Wien from the fields of digitization and visualization for their outstanding research achievements.

Johanna Bartlechner standing in front of her diplom thesis project

Women's advancement award for digitization

In June 2022, Infineon Technologies Austria, opens an external URL in a new window and ORF, opens an external URL in a new window launched the women's sponsorship award for digitization and innovation for the first time. With almost 70 submissions, Johanna Bartlechner took third place for her diploma thesis "Design of a nonlinear multivariable model-based control strategy for a recombinant protein production process in C. glutamicum". She will receive €2,500 for this.

In her diploma thesis, which she wrote as a cooperation project at the two TUW institutes Mechanics and Mechatronics and Chemical Enineering, opens an external URL in a new window and an institute for non-university research CHASE, opens an external URL in a new window, Bartlechner designed a control strategy which, through integration into a research project, contributes to the establishment of a new fermentation process. Waste streams from the pulp industry, which are primarily used thermally, have great potential for use as a medium in the microbial production of valuable materials due to their high sugar content. Due to their complex and varying composition, however, advanced control strategies are required in order to be able to operate the processes in a stable and ecological manner.

"I was very happy and enthusiastic about the nomination as a finalist for the first women's sponsorship award for digitization and innovation. I am even more pleased about being awarded one of the four main prizes and I am extremely grateful for the encouragement, support and motivation that I have received from everyone involved - this prize and the publications associated with the work demonstrate the scientific high quality of research and Diploma theses at the Vienna University of Technology, but also how we make progress through diversity and cooperation," says Bartlechner, describing the feeling of having been awarded the Women's Prize for Digitization and Innovation.

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