VO 325.058 Vehicle System Dynamics


Vehicle dynamics has always played a central role in the development of vehicles, since the driving dynamics properties of the vehicle are essential for driving safety, driving comfort, energy consumption, wear and tear and last but not least for the driving experience and performance. The vehicle designer has to look for optimal solutions in this variety of requirements and possibilities. The basics provided by the vehicle dynamics should be a guide for him. However, it is essential that the models or system equations on which the calculation is based record the process accordingly. Measurement, testing and calculation must go hand in hand in order to achieve an economically justifiable effort for new developments, with numerical system simulation being of great importance today.

The lecture offers an introduction in which the fundamentals of mechanics are applied to selected problems of vehicle dynamics, emphasizing those in which the questions and treatment methods for the four vehicle types road vehicle (car, commercial vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle), rail vehicle, watercraft and airplane (focusing on the first two types) are somewhat the same, or at least largely analogous.

The following aspects are primarily considered when preparing the system:

  • force analysis which external forces act on the vehicle and what they depend on
  • List of the equations of motion of basic replacement models for the driving process to be analyzed
  • Investigation of characteristic critical driving conditions, and stability issues

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