VO 303.336 Condition Monitoring of Machinery


The operation of machines requires a series of operational monitoring measures to ensure reliable function or to maintain the proper production process. The ear of the experienced supervisor has always played a very important role in this, as he can judge from the operating noise whether his machine is running well, who can hear poor running behavior and, in many cases, localize faults from the running noise or even diagnose them.

The aural assessment of the machine noise, as outlined above, is the forerunner of the vibration monitoring of machines on a measurement basis, which is now placed on an objective basis by modern measurement and analysis systems. Highly developed methods of signal analysis offer a variety of tools for a physically based interpretation of the vibration signals, whereby the solidarity with the original, auditory method should not be neglected. The lecture provides a comprehensive presentation of this important and interesting subject, starting with the elementary basics and spanning up to the most modern technologies.

In addition to the core topic of vibration monitoring, multivariate systems for comprehensive monitoring of complex systems with statistical evaluation methods are addressed, which are of particular importance for complicated and difficult-to-access systems such as wind turbines or offshore platforms.

In addition to purely technical issues, organizational and economic issues are also dealt with.

The most important objectives:

  • Condition-based maintenance
  • planning damage
  • avoidance quality control

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