Research Focus Mechanics of Solids

Our Research Unit is working in the fields of modelling of mechatronical systems, insofar as they constitute themselves as solid material bodies, the computer-based simulation of the resulting mathematical models, and the analysis of the later with methods of Mathematical Physics.

Our Research Focus

Computational Mechanics

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Computer-aided simulation and analysis, further numerical computations and in-house numerical methods for problem-oriented solutions of mathematical models.

Axially Moving Structures

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Mathematical modelling, simulation and model-based control designs for axially moving structures..

Nonlinear Mechanics of Thin-walled Structures

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Construction of thin-walled components that are intended to bear mechanical loads with a significantly reduced mass and are at the same time more cost-effective and resource-saving.

Smart Structures

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The Research Unit is working with inelastic processes in solids, such as plasticity and thermo-elasticity.

Literature Recommendation

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